"I used to take MoJo to those chain grooming places, and I would pick him up and he would be just wiped out exhausted, certainly from stress. When I started taking MoJo to Midtown, I noticed a drastically different puppy when I came to get him. Full of energy, happy, and not necessarily ready to leave them for me!"
-K. Howe

"Venkman LOVES to play at Midtown. He's always so anxious to get inside and see everybody and always looking good when he comes home. I love to see his big doggie smiles and his cute bandana when I pick him up. Keep up the good work Midtown. Venkman loves you!" 
-K. Heaney

"I have been going to Midtown Groom & Board for 5 years. The staff there is absolutely wonderful! Not only do they take a heartfelt interest in my dog but they give me updates and photos while I'm away. It really makes me feel like part of the family. He's always excited to visit whether it's a bath or overnight! He always leaves happy and refreshed. His happiness and mine keeps us coming back!" 
-M. Andrade

"Midtown is the only grooming and boarding facility we use. Our dog loves it. When he jumps his invisible fence during thunderstorms, he runs to Midtown. I can't think of better proof than that that our dog loves it there." 
-R. Queen

"The staff at Midtown is more like family to me and Millie. Actually, probably better! They take the most care of your dog that driving a block near this place, Millie cries and freaks out. They think of everything and are so professional about executing the best care for your canine baby. I would and do, tell everyone about Midtown!" 
-S. Chirchirillo

"I couldn't have asked for a better experience. They got me in almost immediately, took incredible care of my little golden child of a dog. And made her look outstanding. I'll be back for sure. If my dog had any say in it, she'd be there everyday. Thanks, Midtown!" 
-D. Clark